Enjoy 20% off at AYUVA!

2022-01-09 - 2022-03-31

Redeem an E-Voucher from the Marketplace for 200 One Galle Face Points to enjoy a 20% discount for bills over Rs.2000 in a single transaction only.Ayubowan! We make people around the world healthier through authentic Ceylonese Ayurveda, spreading the ancient Ceylonese goodness throughout the world!Choose from a range of hair care, skin care, body care and holistic care Ayurvedic products.AYUVA showcases the real potential of authentic Ceylonese Ayurveda. We work with professionals of different disciplines to enhance the properties of authentic Ayurvedic products to suit the needs of the modern generation, while preserving the ancient Ceylonese goodness. All our products are natural and free of side effects. Come experience the difference.