HOLZ, the premium wood brand, founded in Sri Lanka & proudly manufactured in Germany, countries known for its own art, beauty and creativity.HOLZ combines the German ability to design & manufacture unique objects with the need for greater care and attention to our planet. HOLZ takes pride in creating wrist watches & other fashion accessories from wood, completely free of toxic and artificial materials using exotic remnant hardwoods from around the world.The HOLZ line of wooden watches are a combination of style, luxury, and guilt-free. Inspired by the beauty of nature itself, HOLZ timepieces reflects the great cultural and artistic heritage of mother earth by showcasing over 150 unique watch designs.All watches are uniquely designed, hand-made, brushed and polished with high attention to detail and an eco-conscious mind. We use 15 different types of exotic wood, each with a peculiar color and characteristics, making them a perfect accessory for any outfit. A HOLZ watch is never similar to each other due to the unique wood color, age & maturity.Being made solely of wood, HOLZ brand is unique, free of chemicals, and extremely lightweight.