Zesta, comes from the No. 1 branded tea company in Sri Lanka offering a range of speciality tea perfected for gifting, from regular classic teas to rare Regional and estate and white teas, providing a complete tea experience to the true connoisseur.Zesta offers only the finest Ceylon tea sourced fresh from our own tea estates and packed in Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea is a hallmark of the finest quality and offers teas that are flavoursome and rich in character. The variety of teas that this geographically diverse island of Sri Lanka offers is a unique feature and has been the stamp of quality tea for consumers around the world for over a century.Made by a team of experts – planters, tasters and marketers who know and love tea, Zesta tea is an art which we create with a lot of passion. We follow stringent quality control systems to ensure the highest quality in our production & packaging. We taste over 1000 cups of tea per day to bring you the perfect cup. You can trace every teabag to its source, thus assuring our customers of consistent quality.