At “Lilys” the inspiration of Sri Lankan tradition and its culture is not just a tribute but a norm that preserves its heritage for art lovers. “Lilys” is Gift & Souvenir shop that offers a wide range of authentic items from Arts & Crafts, Leather, Ceramic, Earthenware, Glassware, Brass & Silverware, Cloth & Paper Items, Jewellery and many more creative products. At heart all items are created to serve a purpose, with the utilization of traditional skill in Sri Lankan craftsmanship all items are hand made from the best materials. The design of every piece holds a distinct story and is offered to consumers with the firm belief that there can be no limitation in creativity or choice.Thus with the passion for collecting masterpieces of art which exhibits historical significance of the Sri Lankan heritage, launched the brand name “Lilys” in 2011. At “Lilys” our ambition is not just selling handcrafted goods but to bring out the true Sri Lankan value to consumers with our best quality products.