Based in Colombo, Premium Stationers is a one stop shop for all Stationery and Art requirements. We bring in leading Art and Stationery supplies from around the globe and we champion in make studying, working and playing extra fun with our unexcelled range of Art and Stationery range. Premium Stationers has been successfully operating since 1st June, 1997 to cater towards the dynamic population of Colombo for their Stationery and Art needs. We work with the vision to provide all Stationery and Art lovers with an extensive range of high quality Arts and Crafts materials and School and Office stationery. We constantly introduce new brands and products to meet our customers’ needs and to provide supreme quality products. Acting responsibly and with integrity is also deeply engrained in the mission of Premium Stationers. We strive to do things the right way and make sure our products meet ethical and environmental standards. We have begun the ‘no plastic bag’ initiative to save our environment and to create awareness. ______________________________________________________________ Click the icon below and use the OGF Promo Code OGFV026to begin your OGF Virtual Shopping Experience!