Colombo has quickly become a highly exciting market for property and real estate investment. Generally considered to be a ‘niche’ real estate market, new segments and lands are being released for development alongside numerous efforts to continue transforming Colombo into a world-class shopping, leisure and retail destination.

As with most emerging real estate markets, developers are focusing their efforts on the premium and luxury end of real estate, first satiating demand for luxury condominiums and single-family apartment housing before moving on to second and third tier segments. Although several thousands of units have been made available over the past few years, pockets of demand continue to open. Accordingly, the luxury and premium real estate segments show no signs of demand abatement, projecting continual growth over the next few years.

Colombo is already seeing more global investment instruments and financing strategies that focus particularly on medium and long-term goals, further perpetuating
Sri Lanka’s booming real estate success story.

As both the city and country continue to emerge into a peaceful and attractive retail and tourism destination, property prices will appreciate and returns are expected to soon mirror top markets in Asia.